The best temperature for your baby to sleep cool is  about 23 to 25 degrees C. In case it's so hot outside, you may need to take extra measures to keep your baby cool and safe while your baby sleeps.

Some tips to keep your baby cool in bedroom at night

You can use an AC or cooler, but try not to direct the blast of cold air right at your baby. Turn the cooler or AC on before your baby's bedtime to allow the room to cool down.

You can turn the AC or cooler off and leave the fan on If the temperature drops considerably at night. You can open the windows and doors in several rooms to allow the breeze to pass through if it's cool outside.

How about during the day?

You should keep curtains drawn. This will prevent  sunlight from heating up the room. Also, try not to leave the windows open during the peak heat during the day. The winds will bring in a lot of dust as well.

Some mums also like to use traditional cooling methods such as bamboo blinds (chiks) or khus pads on windows. The chiks can help to keep out the heat and direct sunlight.

What we should do during power cuts?

If you do not have power  back up and it is best to invest in an inverter. This way, you could still have the fans running to keep your baby cool. Another option is to have a battery operated fan.