1. Benefits to working at Taisun

At Taisun, we always take good care of our team members with a working environment that promotes equality, respect, and care for one another. If you decide to join us, be prepared to experience: 

  • A dynamic, creative workplace
  • A fair policy for all employees
  • A workplace that challenges you to sharpen skills and knowledge
  • Performance assessment and increases in salary annually
  • An abundance of opportunities for career development
  1. We care about your health
  • Your health is our first priority
  • Annual health check-ups
  • Health premium insurance for jobs that could cause potential accidents
  1. Sharing and Caring of the Taisun family
  • When you are Happy (Marrying - Birthday - Maternity)
    We will bless you with our compensation program yearly
  • When you are Sad (Funeral)
    We will share your pain with our compensation program yearly
  • When you get Sick
    Our Labor union will back you up 
  • When You/Your family fall into a difficult circumstance
    Taisun and our members will be right there with you to get you out of the slump

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4. Welfare summary
  • Flexible working hours (TSN office)
  • Annual bonus (avg. 1.5 month)
  • Labor day bonus
  • Mid-Autumn bonus
  • Absenteeism bonus
  • Reward for Outstanding employee/dept
  • Insurance pay on total salary
  • Free products
  • Marital/Funeral/Sickness support
  • Company trip/fee
  • Birthday gift
  • Int'l Women's Day gift
  • Vietnamese Women’s Day gift
  • Children’s Day gift
  • End-of-year gift
  • Emergency loans with no interest
  • Training on job

Career Development

We do not discriminate against race, gender, nationality, or personal background. Our evaluation is based solely on your desire to develop your career, and in return we will provide you with the optimal working environment to nurture and release your potential by giving you opportunities to contribute and grow.

At Taisun, we encourage our employees to learn and expand their horizon through education, and pave the path for them to step up and become the leaders of the future. 

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Corporate Culture

Our slogan generates outstanding results

Our company’s core value is evident in our slogan, “Growing Together!". Our employees believe that our company serves a noble cause and together we developed a strong desire to make a difference. Not only does collaboration among colleagues thrive in our offices, we seek to bring this harmony elsewhere and into the broader society. Our connections with our partners are long and deep, and on top of that we have earned the trust of our surrounding communities. Taisun has become a beacon of hope, and it is a milestone that every single member of our family will protect at all costs.

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What makes our job offerings so attractive?

Joining Taisun is a very important decision. It is not as simple as applying to a job position, it is the chance to meet and become a part of a new family. 

All of our employees are very passionate about what we are doing, and that is our foundation to making a difference. We have built our own brands UniDry, SunMate, Unifresh and Sunfree from the ground up, and now they are the superstars of the personal hygiene market in Southeast Asia. 

We offer you limitless growth and warmly welcome the brilliant minds who have a chestful of ambition. Taisun is a place to take your career to the next level, the only question is if you are ready for it. 

Work-Life Balance

A healthy balance between work and life is something Taisun stands strongly for. We encourage our employees to take the time to discover new hobbies, travel or spend more time with their families and friends. We believe that by finding the perfect balance between work and life, we will all become stronger, healthier, and happier.