In order to boost the team bonding and team spirit for Taisun’s employee, our company organize a company trip to Long Hai, Vung Tau. In this trip, Taisun’s members took part in many interesting activities such as team game, music performance, outdoor party,… which made people stay closely together.

All the games required strong team spirit but this could not bring any difficulties to all energetic people there. We wanted to win but also wanted to gain fun and friendship in all activities. This made the trip become warmer and more enthusiastic.

Some people had never talked with the others before, some newbies at first felt a little bit nervous but after this trip we became a family and we felt familiar to everyone we met. This trip was far successful than expectation and especially won the love of everyone in Taisun since it connected all members of Taisun family.e87fbff8afb656e80fa7