1. What benefit for working at Taisun
At Taisun, we always take care our great team by creating a workplace of fairness, caring, respect each other, recognition and rewarding for contribution. If you decide to join with us, be ready to enjoy:

  • A dynamic, creative workplace.
  • A fairness policy for all employee.
  • A challenge workplace to sharp your Skill - Knowledge.
  • Performance assessment and salary increase yearly
  • Fair opportunity of career development for all employee.

2. We care about your health

  • Your health is our first priority
  • Annual health check-up
  • Health premium insurance for jobs that having risk of accident

3. Sharing, Caring of Taisun family

  • When you Happy (Marital - Birthday - Maternity)
    We will cheer your fun with entitlements as our compensation program yearly.
  • When you Sad (Funeral)
    We will share your sadness with entitlements as our compensation program yearly.
  • When you get Sick
    Our Labor union will concern, motivate and share your hardship.
  • When You/Your family fall in difficult circumstance
    Taisun and our members will companion with you to share, support throught out the circumstances

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4. Welfare summary
  • Flexible worktime (TSN office)

  • Annual bonus (avg. 1.5 month)

  • Labor day bonus

  • Mid-Autumn bonus

  • Absenteeism bonus

  • Reward for Outstanding employee/dept

  • Insurance pay on total salary

  • Free products

  • Marital/Funeral/Sickness support

  • Touring trip/Touring fee

  • Birthday gift

  • Int'l Women day's gift

  • Vietnamese women day's gift

  • Children day's gift

  • Year-end gift

  • No interest loan for emergent needs

  • Training on the job

Career development

We don't distinguish your nationality, gender, region, education, past. The only need is your desire to develop your career, our working environment will nuture and free your capability by giving you opportunity to contribute and grow.

At Taisun, we encourage our staffs to learn, practice to expand your limit, get through all obstacles, challenges, keep sharpen your selves to be a great managers, leaders in the future.

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Our slogan generates outstanding results
The basis of our sustainable growth has been coming from Growing together slogan. In order to become the desirable company, it cannot lack the accompany of Consumers, Partners, Employees, Community & Social. With this Slogan, we set up a high expection and trust that our employee will generate the outstanding results as well as creating the sustainable development for stakeholders.

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Explore what makes our jobs are so attractive
All of our employees have a winning passion and strong desire to create the differentiation. We are on the way to build the desireable breakthrough by the very potential brands UniDry, SunMate, Unifresh and Sunfree.
At Taisun, we are formulating the culture that nuture majority and giving growth opportunity. We set up high expection and trust that our members can generate the outstanding outcome.

Work-Life balance

We believe that our members will grow, generate more success and feel happier once having a Work-Life balance. At Taisun, we encourage our employee pursuit a life style that prior good health, positive energy, balance and active. We always encourage our members to arrange their work plan appropriately to create a Work-Life balance.