At 20/10/2019, Taisun had greatly contributed to the success of the event for women workers at Labor Culture House in Saigon Hi-tech Park, district 9, Ho Chi Minh city.


This was a meaningful activity to encourage the care for laborer’s welfare. Laborers who took part in this event received a lot of benefits such as: medical examining, makeup workshop, free haircuts, attractive promotion for women’s items. However, the most attractive thing was the competition “Phụ nữ tài năng duyên dáng” (Beautiful talented women). This was an interesting playground to honor the beauty and talent of modern Vietnamese women.


In addition, Heo Béo – Heo Khỏe was a meaningful activity to fundraise some scholarships and give to workers’ children in order to help them continue studing at school. Taisun felt honor to contribute a significant budget to help children and open a better future for them.

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Taisun also brought many high quality products such as Unidry diaper, Sunfree sanitary napkin, Unifresh wet tissue paper,... to this event with the promotion of to 67% discount and many precious gifts.


Taisun Outlet received lots of love and joy from women workers.


Taisun’s contribution for this event proved Taisun’s motto: The development of Taisun always accompanied with the development of the community.