Compensation and Benefits

 Benefits to working at Taisun

  •    A dynamic, creative workplace
  •    A fair policy for all employees
  •    A workplace that challenges you to sharpen skills and knowledge
  •    Performance assessment and increases in salary annually
  •    An abundance of opportunities for career development

Company Benefit
Company Benefit

 We care about your health

  • Your health is our first priority
  • Annual health check-ups
  • Health premium insurance for jobs that could cause potential accident

 Sharing and Caring of the Taisun family

  • When you are Happy (Marrying - Birthday - Maternity)
     We will bless you with our compensation program yearly
  • When you are Sad (Funeral)
     We will share your pain with our compensation program yearly
  • When you get Sick
     Our Labor union will back you up
  • When You/Your family fall into a difficult circumstance
     Taisun and our members will be right there with you to get you out of the slump      

 Corporate Culture

Our slogan generates outstanding results

Our company’s core value is evident in our slogan, “Growing Together!". Our employees believe that our company serves a noble cause and together we developed a strong desire to make a difference. Not only does collaboration among colleagues thrive in our offices, we seek to bring this harmony elsewhere and into the broader society. Our connections with our partners are long and deep, and on top of that we have earned the trust of our surrounding communities. Taisun has become a beacon of hope, and it is a milestone that every single member of our family will protect at all costs.

 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Taisun ​​attaches importance to labor-management relations. In order to maintain a smooth communication channel between labor and management, regulate fair and reasonable labor conditions, enable labor and management to follow, develop stable and harmonious labor-management relations, and sign a group agreement with the labor union for the first time in 2010, which is a harmonious and harmonious Set a milestone in handling labor affairs. Taisun and the labor union signed the third group agreement in 2019 to protect the rights and interests of both parties and enhance work efficiency. Harmonious labor-management relations are helpful.

Main Benefit List

  1. Paid Social Insurance at Full Salary
  2. Paid OT at Full Salary
  3. Touring welfare
  4. Holiday’s Bonus and Gift for Female Employees
  5. Year End Bonus
  6. Marital benefit
  7. Funeral benefit
  8. Maternity, sick leave benefit
  9. Birthday Gift for Employees
  10. Gift for children’s day
  11. Lunar new year gift
  12. Free Product for Employees
  13. Extra Insurance
  14. Annual health check

Company Benefit English

Working Environment

Taisun’s operational headquarters is located at HCM City, Vietnam and has points in Cambodia and Taiwan, which serve as manufacturing ,R&D and sale & marketing sites for business units. The sites are not only convenient but also a safe working environment. We have obtained the certificate of ISO9001 in order to enhance the safety and wellness. We also actively practice fire protection and emergency training regularly. Moreover, we've received many honors and awards, such as best companies to work for and outstanding workplace. Here, you can work safely and happily.