Since the first weeks Ho Chi Minh City ran the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, TAISUN Vietnam Co., Ltd. quickly approached and implemented with the slogan "safe vaccination". For Taisun company, vaccination not only helps protect the health of all employees but also implies determination and solidarity with the whole country to win the epidemic.

Facing the increasingly complicated developments of the Covid pandemic, the largest ever COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Ho Chi Minh City has been promoting quickly.

As a leading manufacturer in personal hygiene care products, Taisun always efforts to maintain safe production during the epidemic season, only in the first week (June 23, 2021), all Taisun’s employees were excited when received the announcement of AstraZeneca vaccination which is recognized worldwide for its high protection efficiency, up to 89%.

To ensure the safety and comfort of all employees, the internal epidemic prevention has been timely and thoughtfully prepared for a successful vaccination session.

Vaccine arrived, all Taisun’s employees were ready.

Combined with the optimistic and serious spirit of anti-epidemic of all employees who get prioritizing vaccination is a professionalism of the company's organizational team and doctors.

Professional process

The professional process complies with 5K rule with 6 steps designed according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, ensuring the safety of employees.

  1. Test Covid before vaccination
  2. Check blood pressure, heart rate
  3. Screening examination with the doctors
  4. Vaccination
  5. Observing for 30 minutes after vaccination
  6. Guide and company with employees to monitor their health at home.


The values ​​of community vaccination campaign and epidemic prevention at Taisun company

Welfare for employees

The kindness and concern for employees of the company's leadership are honestly reflected in the training work during the vaccination process. The vaccination area was well ventilated and also provided nutritious food fully: milk, clean water, pastries, ensuring the health of everyone.

In addition, the most important thing is motivation, guidance and sharing from the leadership and medical staff. The value lens of an organization that unites, agrees, strictly abides by the regulations before, during and after the injection has contributed to the success of the first vaccination session.

Taisun Vietnam Company organizes COVID-19 vaccination to fight against the epidemic

The value of epidemic prevention within enterprises

The prevention of epidemic within Taisun company was activated quickly at the beginning, ensuring a safe working environment for employees:

  • Medical masks are distributed daily to all employees.
  • Observe the safe working distance (at least 1.5m) and combine with an alternate work-from-home plan to ensure social distance.
  • Create conditions and support working equipment for all full-time employees working at home.
  • Especially, deploying Covid 19 Vaccination for all employees, creating conditions for employees to take a rest after vaccination.

The value of contributing to the fight against epidemic to whole society.

As a leading manufacturer in personal hygiene care products, Taisun Vietnam always tries to maintain production, ensuring timely supply for the market. In addition to safe epidemic prevention policies such as vaccination, distributing masks or keeping social distance, the company's epidemic prevention and control in production plans is particularly focused on, we strictly comply with the regulations, the epidemic prevention and control policy from government.

Let's consensus to fight the epidemic.

The work of the COVID-19 vaccination is not only the guarantee and safety of all Taisun employees during the epidemic session, ensuring the mental, health, and finances of each individual, but also reinforces the core values ​​of the company like cohesion, discipline and welfare.