The new Southbound Scholarship sponsorship program, which was donated by Vietnam-Taiwanese Company Taisun (Holding) International Co., Ltd. and coordinated by Excellent Long-Established University Consortium of Taiwan (ELECT), with a total scholarship amount of 1.5 million TWD. The award ceremony and student symposium were held at Fu Jen Catholic University on September 26. There are four award-winning students: Zhou Minwen in the third year of the Department of Applied Art, Sun Qianqi in the fourth year of the Department of Nursing, Fang Huaxing in the sixth year of the Department of Medicine, and Zhuang Qing in the second year of the Department of Textiles.

The New Southbound Scholarship is a scholarship provided by the Vietnam-Taiwanese company Taisun (Holding) International Co., Ltd to encourage Southeast Asian students and the second generation of new residents to study abroad. This awarding ceremony and student symposium brought together more than 20 students from Southeast Asia to share their thoughts about the award and their prospects for the future, and invited Taisun's director Chen Yu-Hsueh, Chen Juei-Feng Manager, Anthony Hsieh director and others to communicate with the students.

The students are very grateful for the assistance of Taisun (Holding) International Co., Ltd and ELECT, so that they can concentrate on studying in Taiwan without worrying about tuition fees. Zhuang Qing from Malaysia mentioned that studying as a foreigner is quite difficult. In the past, she often didn't feel the sense of belonging, but with this scholarship, she regained her sense of identity. Min Zhou Wen said that the students, she has made financial implications for the graduation trouble for a long time, until the receipt of prize notification, it will lay down their hearts of stone, she said: "I will make good use of the scholarship, try and try again, live up to expectations"

many The students said that although the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Taiwan has slowed down, the epidemic in their home country has still caused huge financial pressure on them. Some students mentioned that they have always paid all the tuition fees alone. Therefore, they are particularly grateful for this scholarship. They can study with peace of mind and hope that they "will contribute to society in the near future."

In addition to helping students, the New Southbound Scholarship Program will also enable students to give back to their home country and society in the future. Chen Yu-Hsueh emphasized the spiritual value of "Growing Together", hoping to help everyone grow together while running the business, and devote more resources to the students in Southeast Asia. "I hope that the students will help others with this spirit in the future and be more ambitious. Do better things.” Father Leszek Niewdana”, vice president of mission at Fu Jen Catholic University, also encouraged students: “No matter what stage, you can participate more and find opportunities for you to give and give back.” [Report by Mao Qing from the Office of Public Affairs]

▼Organized by ELECT, Taisun (Holding) International Co., Ltd. provides new southbound scholarships to help Southeast Asian students studying in Taiwan

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