Company profile

Company name Taisun Int'l (Holding) Corp.
Stock Name  Taisun-KY
Stock Code  8480 (TWSE)
Mark Type  
Industry Type  Manufacturing
Principal Activities  producing disposable baby diapers, adult incontinent products, feminine sanitary napkins and wet tissues
Date of Establishment  6 February 2014 (Holding)
2 January 2001 (Taisun Vietnam)
Date of Listing  17 January 2017
Chairman  Tai Chao Rong
Headquarter  Lot A1-6, N5 Street, Tay Bac Cu Chi IZ, Cu Chi District, HCM City, Vietnam
Stock Transfer Agent  Mega Securities Co., Ltd
Tel  (02)2568-2830 - Taiwan
(+84-28) 3547 1031 ~ 6


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